Tegan Dunne


(Charles Baby and his guitar. Source: Festlafrog.com)

The elderly man smelt of Jim Beam as he wandered up to the stage in Apollo Bay, swaying as he walked. The quite, folk like music played in his ears as he drew closer to the young man singing and holding a guitar. As he reached the front of the stage he stopped, close enough to touch the singer, stared at him with a tilted head and began yelling, at the top of his voice, “You suck! You suck!” 

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Alexandra Bathman

Vito Lucarelli is like a ball of warm energy. His long, unkempt curly hair swept to one side shows his massive grin, as he takes off his retro-cool sunglasses, which were his aunty’s in the 90’s…

But who is Vito? He’s the short one. The one jumping, playing guitar and synth all while singing at the same time during an 8 Bit Love gig.

8 Bit Love is a band of 3 cool guys from country Victoria. 

Now based in Melbourne, the band has a few proud awards, including an APRA Songwriters Award. They’ve shared the stage with big names such as Jebediah and The Vines and played at Parklife music festival in 2011.

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Donal Stott

Above: Melbourne Royals Running Back, Jamie Spiteri on a long run against the Monash Barbarians.

Victoria’s American football league, Gridiron Victoria, has expanded into Ballarat and Bendigo, riding the wave of the NFL’s increased popularity.

With the addition of the Ballarat Falcons and the Bendigo Dragons, Gridiron Victoria has grown by five clubs in three years after three clubs joined in 2011. 

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Angela Danielle Tucker


Source: Angela Danielle Tucker

St Kilda’s Gatehouse offers a safe place for some of the most marginalised people in our community.

Walking into the tiny room, the smell of coffee is strong. Someone is organising clothes in the back room and there are women with their babies sitting on the couch. If you didn’t know any better, you would think it’s just another mothers club. Which I suppose it is in a way.

But Gatehouse is different.

These women are not regular mums. They are sex workers and drug addicts. And Gatehouse is their safe haven.

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Phi Ha

Melbourne University students protest against the detainment of refugees in Australia. Source: Phi Ha

More than 30 people marched outside the Immigration department on April 12 as a part of a series of demonstrations, led by the Refugee Action Collective, to demand the release of 28 hunger striking asylum seekers.

The hunger strike, now in its ninth day at Immigration Transit Accommodation Centre in Broadmeadows, has resulted in at least three hospitalisations and sparked widespread calls for the refugees to be released.

This comes after the predominately Tamil refugees failed an ASIO security check which has resulted in indefinite detention.

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